User-Friendly Website Design

because a bad website is like grumpy customer service

A doodle illustration of website user interface components.

How This Works

  1. 1. Surf My Website

    Nobody wants their website to have the personality of elevator music or the unreliability of a Yugo. That's why, like all investments, buying your website requires research.

    Surf my site. Check out the projects I've done. Write down your questions - and your ideas.

  2. 2. Schedule A Free Discovery Consultation

    This is a no-obligation conversation where we talk about your business challenges and goals, and your website visitors' journey. We'll discuss what features and functionalities can help you achieve your goals.

  3. 3. I Send You A Proposal

    This is where I take what I learned from our consultation and create a detailed document about the proposed website and what it will cost.

    The purpose is to clarify what you really need, then - if you decide to proceed - I convert the proposal into a contract for you to review before signing.

  4. 4. I Make Your Website

    I take my inspiration from your goals, your content and your style. I supplement your content with visuals and text - and I elevate your brand without resorting to telekinesis.

    You can follow the construction of your site and provide feedback along the way. Then, I'll teach you how to use it.