Mireille Sampson
Summer '22

Media Resources

Pssttt! Wanna know how to get the most out of your website? Check out these articles and presentations for tips on how to promote your organization.


What Makes A Website User-Friendly

The view from our customers/clients' perspective is often not the same as ours. In this presentation on Spicer Facilitation's Entrepreneur's Coffee Break, I present some tips on how websites are made "user-friendly".

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Why Choose Webflow For Your Business Website

Webflow is the website and prototyping platform of choice for NASA, Dell, Intuit, IDEO and the New York Times. Find out why.

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Build Brand Recognition With Your Website

How to determine your business's visual branding - and how to keep it consistent across the web and in-print. An article for NLOWE's Advisor magazine that includes tips and tools to get your started.

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Build Trust and Credibility Online

How-to use 'social proof' on your website to help build trust in your brand. This article was published in The Advisor magazine.

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