Research + Prototyping

User Experience Design

Don't waste your software developers on building user interface. I build coded digital product UI as well as carry out UX research and testing.

Discovery, Trust + Decision-making

User Experience + User Interface

UX Research

I uncover user-generated inspiration for new digital products, services, features and functions.

UI Design

I make coded user interface prototypes that can be tested before hand-off to your product developers.

UX Testing

Usability testing with your customers to ensure your digital product or service is user-friendly.

Next-Level UI Prototyping

There's a shortage of software engineers - so why spend their precious working hours on user interface when I can take care of that for you?

  • I make responsive, interactive prototypes - because static mock-ups are soooo last-decade.

  • I design UI + prototypes in Webflow, generating production-ready code.

  • Your copywriters can write and edit directly on the prototype.

  • I can export the code to your software engineers - saving them time and work.

  • I use Webflow: the prototyping tool of choice for: NASA, IDEO, Salesforce and Pinterest.