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Bay St. George Chamber of Commerce

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Bay St. George Chamber of Commerce
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The Chamber participates in the development of public policy as it affects the economic growth and development of the Bay St. George Region of Newfoundland and Labrador.

The Bay St. George Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit that provides a voice for business and includes other organizations with a strong interest in regional economic development, such as: municipal governments, indigenous governance, social enterprise organizations, educational institutions, non-profits - and even individuals.

Between World Energy GH2 and Dymond International Airport, the area is buzzing with new industrial developments.

The Need for Control

The Chamber wanted a modern new website - and they were keen to be in control of it. Oftentimes, the people who create websites keep them under their own accounts, their own control. In the past it was usually the way it was done for convenience sake if nothing else, so developers could make development changes as owners wanted. Now, Webflow allows for website owners to have their websites under their account and invite in a developer (or switch developers) without losing control or handing over passwords. This was an important factor in the Chamber's choice.

Their goals for their website were:

  • provide a clear and professional online presence
  • promote and support members
  • attract new members
  • inform members about upcoming events
  • have control over the website and domain - and who has access to them

I used their pre-existing brand colours to inform the colour scheme. Not a fan of excessive, generic business stock photos, I grounded the imagery in local photos - some of which were even taken by me or my sister, Sam. This is a local organization, not a SAAS company, and the website reflects that.

The events listing helps inform members about networking events and provides space for displaying sponsors logos.

The "Join Us" page provides application forms for membership and member benefits, as well as providing potential members with all the info they need to help them make their decision.

The site includes a searchable member directory, with each member listing clicking through to a full page of member's details. We felt this was important because this is a small town with some big, new players in town. Those big players should be able to view detailed information on local suppliers they may want to engage - especially as some smaller organizations don't have a website of their own.

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