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Is Your Business Website Ready?

Your customers are researching you online and so are potential employees - be ready for them.

You know that facebook page you're using was designed to sell facebook ads, not your business.

It's okay, we've all been there. Is now the time for you to move up to a professional website?


Of customers say website content significantly influences buying decisions; 62% finalize purchase decisions based on website content alone.


Of job seekers visit a company's website to look for jobs.

Smiling caucasian woman wearing glasses.
"incredible analytical mind"

"I called on Mireille to get me out of a pickle that quite a few business coaches couldn't help me with. She brings her incredible analytical mind and professionalism to the game. Mireille was a lighthouse in the storm for me while I explored how to take my website forward."

Roberta Weber
The Change Agent's Change Maker
Glasgow, Scotland

How This Works

  1. 1. Surf My Website

    Nobody wants their website to have the personality of elevator music or the unreliability of a Yugo. That's why, like all investments, buying your website requires research.

    Surf my site. Check out the projects I've done. Write down your questions - and your ideas.

  2. 2. Schedule A Free Discovery Consultation

    This is a no-obligation conversation where we talk about your business challenges and goals, and your website visitors' journey. We'll discuss what features and functionalities can help you achieve your goals.

  3. 3. I Send You A Proposal

    This is where I take what I learned from our consultation and create a detailed document about the proposed website and what it will cost.

    The purpose is to clarify what you really need, then - if you decide to proceed - I convert the proposal into a contract for you to review before signing.

  4. 4. I Make Your Website

    I take my inspiration from your goals, your content and your style. I supplement your content with visuals and text - and I elevate your brand without resorting to telekinesis.

    You can follow the construction of your site and provide feedback along the way. Then, I'll teach you how to use it and hand over the keys.

Mireille Sampson
Summer '22

User-Friendly Website Design

Because a bad website is like a grumpy salesperson.

Hey there! I'm Mireille Sampson - owner of User-Friendly Website Design. I'm originally from Stephenville and now living in Corner Brook on the absolutely fabulous West Coast of Newfoundland. Need a website? Get in touch...