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Roberta Weber Wellbeing Coach

User Experience Project

Roberta Weber
Glasgow, Scotland
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"incredible analytical mind"

"I called on Mireille to get me out of a pickle that quite a few business coaches couldn't help me with. She brings her incredible analytical mind and professionalism to the game. Mireille was a lighthouse in the storm for me while I explored how to take my website forward."

Roberta Weber
The Change Agent's Change Maker

The Business Case

Roberta has been transitioning her business from in-person to online-only. While there is a typical playbook for coaches wanting to do that, the cookie-cutter approach wasn’t serving her well. Roberta's business is not easily explained nor understood. We decided on user experience research to dig up the inspiration for her product redesign and website messaging.

Qualitative Research

Most people are familiar with quantitative research and data — such as website analytics and customer surveys. Quantitative research answers the question “what”, as in “what’s happening on my website”, but it doesn’t tell you why it’s happening. Quantitative research also requires a large number (or quantity) of data points to be accurate and reliable.

In contrast, qualitative research is used as a discovery tool, to find inspiration from customers for a new product or a redesign. Qualitative research goes in-depth with each customer subject and can be done with only a small number of customers.

Roberta’s clients live all over the UK as well as the US and Canada. I interviewed several of them (using Zoom) and combed through the recordings. Each client provided a small slice of the picture and, in the end, we came up with numerous changes and insights Roberta can implement, including:

  • Improving the clarity and placement of social proof, such as testimonials and qualifications, as well as the descriptive keywords in her overall messaging.
  • Developing an entirely new product that can work as entry-level (for new clients) as well as supplemental (for existent clients).
  • A strategy for the subject matter of her content marketing.

Scientific research was Roberta's first career, so her writing style was strongly influenced by the demands of peer reviewed scientific periodicals. When marketing a wellbeing service, a more familiar tone of writing is preferential. We worked out some hacks to help Roberta consistently write in a style that's more suitable for communicating with her clients and potential client's.

Over the coming months, Roberta will implement these changes on her Kajabi-based website.

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