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This website is a person project of mine.

My mother died in April of this year (2023). I wanted to celebrate her life and provide a central place for our (spread-out family) to have a collection of photos and stories of mom.

I’m launching the site with only 2 pages. It will be an ongoing side project, probably for years - we have a lot of photos and stories.

Mom was big on scrapbooking and quilting, so I’ve tried to give it that sort of craft-y feel, with lots of dashed borders resembling quilting stitches. Many of photos are light box links so they can be blown up.

I don’t really know where I’m going with this project, but seeing as how it’s personal, it really doesn’t matter. I’ve often done my best work under the tension of uncertainty.

Update: I've connected this website to an email newsletter service called Audienceful. I chose them because their service is more straightforward and easy-to-use. I didn't want to touch Mailchimp with a 10ft pole. Audienceful structure's the newsletters in a way that increases their deliverability to the recipient's main inbox. Deliverability is becoming a big problem, newsletters often end up in either junk folders or promotion folders, where your subscribers are less likely to read them.

I created a Welcome Sequence, which is a type of automation, using an attractive template I created. It's nicer - and was easier to make - than trying to build in Converkit (which had been my first stop). So far, I am happy with this choice.

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