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Based in Corner Brook, Newfoundland and Labrador

I Make User Friendly Websites

Because A Bad Website Is Like A Grumpy Salesperson

Hi! My not-so-user-friendly-name is Mireille Sampson (she/her) and I'm a UX'er and a Webflow Developer. I'm originally from Stephenville and - after 14 years in Europe and the Middle East - I've returned to Newfoundland and set up shop in Corner Brook.

Formerly, an award-winning international artist, I've turned my creative skills to a new direction, by combining them with:

  • User Experience (UX) Research + Design
  • Webflow Website Development
  • Writing Copy for UX + Google rankings (SEO)

Trendsetting Technology + Techniques

I've chosen a cutting-edge, high-performance platform to build on: Webflow. My tech training is recent. I've learned the latest in coding frameworks and user experience methods, including accessible design that's baked in - Betty Crocker's got nothin' on me.  

Having trained online, I'm experienced with working remotely, so you don't need to be my next-door neighbour to work with me.

I make content-driven marketing and informational websites with a focus on usability, quality and distinctive branding.

As a UXer, I conduct research, testing and design coded, interactive prototypes - because who wants a static image file for a prototype?

What don't I do? I'm not a marketing agency, so I don't design posters or billboards; I can't make you a TV commercial or a pair of sweatpants with your logo embroidered on the arse.

For all things print, I recommend Katja Moehl in Stephenville. An experienced graphic designer, she has connections with printers throughout the province. From business cards to trade show banners, from annual reports to billboards - Katja has done it all. Check out her website.

1976 - Baby me, camping at Pinware Park, Labrador, with mom.
illustration of woman who uses wheelchair.
Universal Design is accessible and inclusive.

User Experience (UX) Design

Some Websites Aren't Very Effective

Every good website has a purpose (or many). The purpose of your website is to get your website visitors to do something:

  • Invite you to bid on a tender or RFP
  • Apply for a job
  • Book an appointment
  • Hire you for a contract
  • Apply for a building permit

When a site is not user-friendly your site visitors may become confused, overwhelmed, frustrated or plain bored...and then they just leave.

So What's the Fix?

If you want your website visitors to do something, you need to make it easy, make it fun - or make it both! How? User Experience Design. Each project is different and can involve any of:

  • Inclusive + Accessible Design (for example, 9% of men are colour-blind)
  • Customer Research for product design
  • Usability Testing
  • Examining how people can find your website.
  • Structuring all website information for purpose and clarity
Sailing in Qatar.

What People Are Saying About Me:

Smiling caucasian woman wearing glasses.
"incredible analytical mind"

"I called on Mireille to get me out of a pickle that quite a few business coaches couldn't help me with. She brings her incredible analytical mind and professionalism to the game. Mireille was a lighthouse in the storm for me while I explored how to take my website forward."

Roberta Weber
The Change Agent's Change Maker
Glasgow, Scotland
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Headshot of an older man with grey beard who is wearing a blue suit and a red tie.
"clear, concise and applicable"

"Mireille was great at understanding my needs. She has taken a large amount of information and distilled it to the crucial in a manner that is clear, concise and applicable. My career is now showcased in a professional and attractive website that focusses my potential clients' attention on what's relevant."

Viv Wright
Corner Brook, Newfoundland
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headshot of Colleen Warren
"styling that fit our distinct brand"

"We were surprised at how fast Mireille was able to put everything together to our specific needs. Mireille has amazing communication skills - with minimal direction she created visual styling that fit our distinct brand. Our new website is exactly what we wanted and she provided us with clear training on how to use our new website."

Colleen Warren
Owner and Operator
Corner Brook, NL, Canada
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headshot of a smiling cree man wearing a brown leather jacket and a camera around his neck
"asked all the right questions"

"[Mireille] has wonderful interpersonal skills and asked all the right questions. She worked in a timely manner and was clear and precise in the direction she took on my project. She has transited smoothly into the world of being a web designer thanks to her great talent and communication skills."

Frederick R McDonald
Indigenous Artist
Fort McKay, Alberta
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illustration of a camping RV
"61% more than dealers were willing to pay me"

"By having this website, I was able to sell my RV directly to the buyer — for 61% more than dealers were willing to pay me. Despite it being the end of the camping season, I was able to sell it quickly to the first buyer that viewed it in person. He said it was a great help to see all the photos and have all the detailed information that was on the website."

VRD Wright
RV owner + outdoor enthusiast
Kent, England, UK
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