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Unplugged Employee Retreat
Gros Morne, near Corner Brook, Newfoundland + Labrador
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A fictional employee retreat in Gros Morne, Newfoundland operated by Mazikeen of the Lilim - when the SAS isn't tough enough to challenge your team, torture them somewhere beautiful.

I made this 3-page website as an exercise for Skillcrush - the online school where I learned to code. Skillcrush provided a photoshop file for each of the different screen layouts: smartphone, tablet and desktop - and it was my task to code up a responsive website to match the design. I started with the smartphone layout first - known as mobile-first - using hand-rolled code: HTML5 and CSS3, including the Flexbox framework for responsive design.

There is no SEO, UX or copywriting involved in making this project.

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