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Hometown News
Stephenville, near Corner Brook, Newfoundland + Labrador
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A fictional social enterprise news website located in Stephenville, near Corner Brook, Newfoundland + Labrador, Canada. Actually, the stock photos look like they come from multiple countries if not multiple continents. It's the alternate reality of the internet.

This website was a project I did for Skillcrush - the online school where I learned to code. It was an exercise in responsive development - meaning this site responds to the screen size of the device it's being displayed on, re-arranging it's layout to be readable. There are a lot of fake links on the site, only the few in the navigation bar actually work - it's a 3 page website.

Skillcrush provided the code for the cellphone version of the site and it was my task to use the Flexbox and Grid CSS frameworks to re-arrange the layout for tablets and desktop computers.

There was no SEO, UX or copywriting involved in me making this website.

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