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Community Group Template

Community Organisation Website

Fictional Community Sports Club
Anytown, Canada
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Business Case

I made a tight little template that can be run on Webflow’s free hosting site plan. This site is meant to be for any small community group on a budget, though I have styled it for a small town sports club.

Webflow Development 

There are 2 small, custom collections as part of the content management system for this site: news updates and profiles. The profiles are for the community group instructors. The news updates are meant to help keep community group members informed of any important upcoming events.


The website has a place for all the vital information a small community group would need to convey to its members and potential members. As instructors are normally volunteers, the upkeep of the website needed to be minimal.


Built on Webflow means built for search engines. Technical SEO is built into the site. There are no specific search keywords or phrases injected into this site because, of course, it is a template - not an actual community group - and those keywords and key-phrases are pretty straightforward for a website owner to drop into the settings.

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